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Green Roof Systems

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Electronic Membrane Mapping™ for Roof Leak Detection

Progeo Monitoring offers a variety of on-demand and continuous monitoring Smartex® technologies to pinpoint leak locations in the roofing system.  These technologies, which are far superior to standard flood testing, can save money for the owner, general contractor, and roofing installer, especially for properties with ballasted or green roofs. Our engineering background and expertise in overall roof construction and design allow us to provide a comprehensive technical solution for the entire roofing system, with or without overburden, to ensure that the roofing structure can be tested and that the appropriate technology is used.


On-demand testing should be done prior to commissioning and prior to and after installation of overburden for new construction quality assurance. It can also be done regularly as part of the building maintenance plan. The following on-demand products are available:

  • Smartex VM Vector Mapping pdf file

  • Smartex LP High Voltage Spark Testing pdf file

Continuous monitoring systems have specialized sensors built into the roofing system which are connected to STV-08 Hub Boxes and MEA260-MV Computers. The following systems continuously scan the roof for leaks and will pinpoint a leak location as soon as it occurs:

  • Smartex IS Hot Roof - Bituminouspdf file

  • Smartex MX Single Plypdf file

  • Smartex VT Roofing Envelope Vapor Pressure Monitorpdf file

Progeo Holdings is a public corporation headquartered in Großbeeren near Berlin (Teltow-Fläming district). It is the world’s premier manufacturer and developer of technology-based electronic and computer controlled leak detection systems to test and monitor the waterproofing or lining membranes on commercial and civil projects.


For all of these products, we can assist in specifications, design and facilitate leak detection quotes and services from Progeo Monitoring.


To learn more or if you would like a quotation, please e-mail Plant America Green, call us at 857-222-7256, or visit the Progeo Monitoring Products website.

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Green Roof Systems

Systems of components, warranties, installation support, and specifications are available for vegetated green roof installers and architects. All are designed for compatibility with a variety of roofing systems and specification requirements such as water retention and weight through Green Roof Solutions. Products have recycled and biodegradable content and are all manufactured in the USA. These have been proven and designed by some of the most experienced installers in the country. All of the systems support electronic leak testing. Systems include the following:

  • Root Barriers

  • Moisture Retention Mats

  • Drainage systems

  • Filter Fabrics

  • Green roof engineered media

  • Plant material including cuttings, plugs or prevegated mats

  • Wind erosion systems

  • Aluminum edging

  • Roof drain inspection chambers

For all of these products, we can assist in system specifications and design and facilitate component quotes and delivery from Green Roof Solutions.


To learn more or if you would like a quotation, please e-mail Plant America Green, call us at 857-222-7256, or visit the Green Roof Solutions website.



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Business Consulting Services

Using 20+ years of high level executive experience at GE, functional knowledge from working throughout the supply chain in engineering, program management and sales/marketing and industry experience in Aviation, Energy, Oil & Gas, Rail, Consulting and Construction, we are uniquely qualified to:

  • Provide program management support, especially those including multi-site, international organizations or businesses

  • Perform general business strategy and facilitation

  • Develop strategy and implementation plan for companies who want to roll-out a new initiative

  • Develop, lead or support lean or kaizen events to identify energy and other types of waste in business or manufacturing operations

  • Support six sigma strategy, projects, and initiatives

To learn more, please e-mail Plant America Green or call us at 857-222-7256.