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Laura Kozel

Laura has over twenty years of U.S. and international experience in business strategy, project management, integrated design/build projects, engineering, and global sales and marketing. Part of Laura’s professional experience includes working as a GE executive leading the six sigma, quality and lean manufacturing organizations in a major GE business.


She has worked on and led many corporate initiatives in the past and has never seen a higher level of engagement or enthusiasm among the participants as that demonstrated while involved in environmental/sustainability projects. It is exciting and personally fulfilling to work in an industry where what we do together can make people feel good about their jobs and about their future in this world. That is why she has decided to focus her professional corporate experience into the green building and environmental strategy field. She is a LEED AP, holds a Master of Science in Engineering from MIT and a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from The Ohio State University.


Laura’s passion for vegetated green roofs comes from living in Boston and witnessing firsthand urban environmental issues like storm water and from her love of gardening on her own roof deck.  She is inspired by her dad, who was a Professor of Horticulture at Ohio State University and who closed his letters with “Plant America Green,” which aptly describes her own enthusiasm for this field!


Laura working on installing a green roof

Laura is known as the “jet engine gal” in the roofing and green roof fields. This picture was on the front page of the New York Times Business Section in 1993.

Did you know that the equations used to design for wind uplift of roofs are the same as those used for aircraft design?